In case you’re harmed in a car accident, who pays? Auto or medical coverage?

MORGAN, UT — (KUTV) Melissa Haws was in a horrible mishap in February. She was heading down a gulch street in a rain storm when her car lost control and rolled.

She was raced to the doctor’s facility and fixed up.

Presently comes the issue of endeavoring to inspire somebody to pay for the doctor’s visit expenses.

Her car insurance paid $3000 guaranteed, abandoning her with a $5600 charge. Be that as it may, her therapeutic insurance, Regence, won’t pay anything. Melissa says she was let it know was on account of her car insurance had officially paid.

“That is more than what they would have paid, thus they wouldn’t pay anything on the rest of the adjust,” Melissa said. “I might in any event want to get this settled so it’s not generally at the back of my psyche.”

Utah Insurance Commissioner Todd Kiser says making sense of which insurance organization is mindful to pay what isn’t advanced science. After a disaster area, auto dependably pays first.

“In case you’re associated with a car crash, your car scope will be essential,” he said. “That is state law.”

In any case, that doesn’t mean the medical coverage is free to pay anything.

“On the off chance that it’s a secured guarantee, at that point the medical coverage organization would comprehend what their obligations are,” he said.

Melissa says Regence isn’t living up its responsibility.Get Gephardt asked Regence for what valid reason they are declining to pay anything towards the claim. A representative declined an on camera meet yet in an email expressed that Melissa offered the foreswearing, the interest had been heard, and the refusal was being toppled.

Much the same as that, Melissa’s $5600 has been paid, short a $150 copay.

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