Man shot amid late morning carjacking at Cleveland car repair shop

CLEVELAND, Ohio – A Cleveland man was shot Tuesday amid a late morning carjacking at an auto repair shop on the city’s West Boulevard neighborhood.

The shooting occurred about twelve at Earl’s Car Care on Clark Avenue and West 73rd Street, as indicated by police.

A 28-year-old man and his 20-year-former sweetheart were inside their car at the shop looking out for their car repairs, police said.

A shooter strolled up their car with firearms, police reports say. The lady escaped the driver’s side entryway and stated, “Kindly don’t shoot me,” police said.

The shooter opened the traveler entryway and pulled the 28-year-old man out of the car, as indicated by police.

The shooter scavenged through the man’s pockets and stole $900 and the car keys, police reports say.

The shooter shot the man with a .45-bore self-loader handgun, police reports say. He ran east on Clark and drove off in a dull green Toyota.

The lady waved to a passing car that took her sweetheart to Lutheran Hospital. He was later taken to MetroHealth for treatment.

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